Making Noise with Tony Noyes

Tony Noyes – Music Artist
Plays rock and roll music the type of crowd seems to be wild and crazy woman that he draws to listen to his music.
if Tony could play one song to the President of the United States he would play big dumb sex by Soundgarden.
Dreams and goals that he has is to be happy and successful in anything he does.
Inspires him individually is challenges.
The hardest part about working with other players in the music industry is learning to accept everyone and their decisions.
Advice you can give others to keep your dreams alive and to achieve them is to never quit take the ups and downs with what it is.

Tony Noyes

Tony Noyes

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When he was in elementary school he wanted to be an astronaut or scientist when he grew up.
If he could change the world of music he would change digital downloading sales and go back to album sales.
Beautiful artwork is what inspires him to get tattoos.
Tony has about 10 to 15 hours of ink in.
The artist of his best tattoos is his self in his son and Gordo from wicked images.
His favorite tattoo is this call with the microphone The Punisher the Sun he drew it on his wrist in the rippers that’s what I do.
Gordo from wicked images is located in Phoenix Arizona.
He was 30 years old when he started to get tattoos and body art his ears for his first of piercings.
Tony sees himself as a motivator.
His home life is like to play video games with the Son and you drink beer.
Tony’s pet peeves is laziness and people who judge or s*** talkers.
Tony has been a music artist for 26 years still likes to write his own music and he gets inspirations from his son and his life.
all musicians are his favorite artist to play with.
He does do benefits and causes cancer benefits and animals.
Being a music artist does not go to his head with the fame he tries to be down to earth.
Likes to play for the love in the same in the beginning then he decided to do it for fun and now for the love of people and entertaining.
Tony heroes are his mom and dad.
The first song he ever remembers is happy birthday.
If Tony wasn’t a music artist He thinks He would be an actor or a film director.
Tony dose play guitar keyboards harmonica bass spoons and triangle.
Tony thinks it’s great that the tattoo nation is growing happy to see that it’s more accepted.


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