Award Winning Music Artist St. Madness

Interview with St. Madness

PROPHET: When I am singing I am almost always at my happiest. I love the creation process
of writing new songs and albums. When I sing it is from my soul and I put everything I have
into it. The magical click between musicians when they are writing songs is a beautiful thing.
SID RIPSTER: I try to find avenues to express myself or communicate with the listener. I
want to really say something, you know? Connect on a deeper level through the language of
DCAY: Usually the music itself, the audience response.
SCARLET RIVERS: My bandmates, turning around and seeing them jamming out and the
energy of the crowd with 300 to 400 devil horns in the air at a show!
PROPHET: The answer to this is simple because there really is only one thing that can change
and that is that I will continue to work each day to change myself into a better person. Some days
I fail miserably at that but I won’t ever give up working to become the man that I know I can be.
SCARLET RIVERS: I would have taken my music and art more seriously as a teenager. I
would be better to my parents. I wasn’t a bad kid growing up, I just could have done more for
them because they’re both gone now.
SID RIPSTER: My bank account because it is too small. Money takes care of a lot of problems
in life, it brings freedom.
DCAY: To quit my job and play music for a living.
PROPHET: Mark Walters, owner of “LIVING CANVAS” on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.
SCARLET RIVERS: Mathew Ward – Christopher E, I have done a lot of work on quite a few
of my friends. I also like what I’ve seen from “Divinity Tattoo” and “Artistic Tattoo” in Phoenix.
SID RIPSTER: Still looking for that right one.
2013 – “23rd Annual Los AngelesMusic Awards” – ST. MADNESS was the recipient of the
“Producers ChoiceAward / Metal albumof the Year” for our album, “CARNIMETAL”.
2011 – “4th Annual Phoenix MusicAwards” – ST. MADNESS was the recipient for the “Rock
Artist ofthe Year” award.
2010 – “3rd Annual Phoenix MusicAwards” – ST. MADNESS was the recipient for the “Rock
Artist ofthe Year” award.
2010 – “3rd Annual Phoenix MusicAwards” – my solo album “THE EDGE” was the recipient
for the “Record of theYear” award. The band on that album is, “PROPHET & THE
2008 – “Phoenix NewTimes – “BEST OF PHOENIX” issue in September of that year.
SCARLET RIVERS: St. Madness celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.
PROPHET: I was in a church choir that sang for Pope John Paul II back in September 1987.
Not sure how many metal singers have got to sing for a Pope before, and for me it was an honor.
We sang in an operatic style and in Latin. Looking back, the experience was pretty surreal.

SCARLET RIVERS: Too many to name, I hitchhiked up the West coast with a dear friend on a
mission to change the world, one random act of kindness at a time. We ended up in a band in
Seattle for a while before we eventually came back to Phoenix.
PROPHET: I love to sculpt, paint and draw and, although I am not necessarily good and any of
them, I get a lot of peace and satisfaction from doing them.
SID RIPSTER: Recording, mixing, fishing, playing my guitar at home, shooting at the range,
and the occasional video game, preferably first person shooters.
DCAY: Most anything horror related.
SCARLET RIVERS: I’m also an artist. I do acrylic on canvas surrealistic landscapes and
PROPHET: I saw PINK FLOYD play here in Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium back in 1994 and
though I didn’t get to see Roger Waters perform with them it was simply amazing! I did get to
see Roger Waters twice when he came to Arizona performing THE WALL, and again just
incredible almost beyond words. I also was at “THE US FESTIVAL” in California back on
memorial day weekend in 1983 and the lineup was as follows QUIET RIOT – MOTLEY CRUE –
SCARLET RIVERS: I saw “Metal Church” this year and they kicked my ass!! I’d love to see
the 70,000 Tons of Metal Show & Cruise. My most favorite shows have always are the ones we
play though.
SID RIPSTER: “That 70’s Show” it makes me laugh. “Breaking Bad” it gives us all hope that
with a little bit of technical learning and skills, anyone can become a multi-millionaire.
DCAY: TV: “Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story”, “Bates Motel”, “It’s Always Sunny in
Philadelphia” – Live: “Rammstein,” “Devin Townsend,” “Frank Zappa.”
PROPHET: My favorite song is “YOU CAN’T KILL ROCK N ROLL” by Ozzy Osbourne
from his 2nd solo and classic album, “Diary of a Madman”. After all these years this song still
always goes right into my heart.
DCAY: “Watermelon in Easter Hay” – Frank Zappa (The solo and melody). “Aftermath” –
Strapping Young Lad (the aggression and drums). “Chemical Warfare” – 1st SLAYER song I
SCARLET RIVERS: I love the opening track of “White Chapel” called, “Make It Bleed”
because of the amazing guitar work and solos on that song. “Judas Priest” song, “Judas is Rising”
it’s just epic! “Jeff Loomis” – “Tattoo Unit & Miles of Meadows” because he’s just an absolute
master of shred metal guitar. I really love “Drowning On Air” the St. Madness song we
currently open the show with. It’s so full of energy.
SID RIPSTER: “Black Sabbath’s” song “Loner” off of the “13” album. I really relate to that
song and Toni Iommi is the King of riffs. “Pantera’s” – “Fucking Hostile” just plain brutal.

In early 1997 I was approached at one of our concerts at THE MASON JAR here in Phoenix
Arizona by a guy named JohnBaxter who at the time was the manager of Rob Halford from
Judas Priest. John told me that he had watched our show and he really saw a lot of similarities
between me and Ozzy vocally, and how we both perform and move back and forth a lot on stage.
John wanted to set me up with an audition for Black Sabbath. When he told me this I felt all the
blood rush out of my legs and I asked him to repeat what he had just said, lol! John told me that
few people knew, but Rob had joined Sabbath and they were planning on doing an album and
world tour with Rob, but that a little over 6 months prior to this Rob and Tony had a falling out.
John told me that Sabbath had been auditioning guys for 6 months and Tony didn’t like any of
them. John asked me if I would be interested in the audition and did I think that I could sing
Sabbath music? I told him that BLACK SABBATH is one of my alltime favorite bands and
YES, I think I could do the job! John told me that he really thought that I was the guy for the job
as well, and he added if you audition and get the job which I really think you will then you will
also help to put me and Rob in good standings with Tony once again. This was on a Monday
night in early 1997 (I believe) and JohnBaxter gave me his card and told me to call him on
Friday and he would let me know about the audition. For 4 nights, I hardly slept and probably
needed to wear DEPENDS ’cause I was shitting myself! On that Friday, I called John Baxter
and he said, “You aren’t going to believe what’s happened – OZZY JUST REJOINED
SABBATH AND THEY ARE PLANNING A WORLD TOUR”. I was elated and numb at the
same time – thrilled that Ozzy was back in Sabbath but also a little bummed that I had missed an
audition with Sabbath (as Maxwell Smart always says, ‘by that much’ 1010 Looking back, it
was a huge honor just to have the manager of Rob Halford approach me and think that I was
good enough to even be considered for an audition with the great BLACK SABBATH. gym/
SCARLET RIVERS: I’ve been in quite a few bands, painted quite a few things and played in
front of a lot of people in my life but I think the best is yet to come. I work at being a better
player every day, and I’m grateful to be around such amazing musicians and people as my
PROPHET: I want to thank you for asking us to do this interview and to share with your readers
a little bit about ourselves and ST. MADNESS.

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St. Madness Update: November 2014

Tempe History Museum has given St. Madness the honor of being in the exhibit. The Tempe Sound is the name of the exhibit, if you would like to check it out with the memorabilia of the St. Madness Crew.

St. Madness had been nominated at the Los Angeles Music Awards for the Video of the year award.

If you haven’t heard of this metal band you might want to check St. Madness out and see for yourself. St. madness is Loved from the UNited States all the way to Germany!


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